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Farming and animal husbandry control method
- 2019-09-23-

From the control mode, the farmer's farm animal husbandry fan is divided into three types: automatic, semi-automatic and manual control. The automatic control mode is divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, taking into account the timing form and reaching different time periods for users. Demand for use. Below we will briefly explain the control method.

1, automatic form

Set the parameters of temperature and related gas concentration, the system will automatically control the start and stop of each peripheral based on temperature difference, slope and carbon dioxide, ammonia concentration changes. Each peripheral device cooperates with each other according to different control gear positions, which better guarantees the stability of the temperature and gas concentration in the house.

Ventilation equipment - FRP fan

2, semi-automatic form

Set the temperature at which each farm animal husbandry fan is turned on and off, and the fan will turn on and off according to the temperature change.

3, manual form

Users can directly operate on the power distribution cabinet according to their own wishes, and control the start and stop of each peripheral.

Ventilation window

4, timing form

This form mainly serves as a ventilation and ventilation. The trench fan is alternately turned on, and the opening time can be set according to the actual operation conditions. In the winter form (the air circulation is not very good), the sunroof will be fully opened and closed with the trench fan.

Ventilation environmental control - alarm

5, the alarm

Set the upper and lower limits of the temperature alarm and the upper limit of the gas concentration, the system will promptly report the alarm according to the actual situation in the house.

From the ventilation process of agricultural and animal husbandry fan (heavy hammer fan), it is easy to see that the operation of the fan is actually a process of outdoor air entering the room, so there will be a negative pressure environment inside the room, so that the outdoor air flows through the porous wet curtain. On the surface, the overall temperature will decrease. Under normal circumstances, under the action of the fan, the greater the indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the more vivid the cooling effect will be. The addition of evaporation makes the cooling process add humidification effect, and the effect is better.