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Reasons for maintenance of livestock breeding fans
- 2019-09-23-

There is no way to solve the vibration and wear of the livestock breeding fan during use. Then it is necessary to repair the fan. What are the reasons for the maintenance and maintenance of the livestock fan?

1. Design reasons: The design of animal husbandry fans is generally designed according to the use environment, temperature, air volume, wind pressure, medium, etc. However, some enterprises do not select according to these factors, resulting in improper fan design, poor dynamic performance, and operation. The vibration is large; the structure is unreasonable, the stress is concentrated; it is close to or falls into the design critical speed zone; the thermal expansion calculation is not accurate, resulting in poor thermal alignment.

2. Manufacturing reasons: The quality requirements of the fan manufacturers also affect the operation of the fan, such as: poor manufacturing and manufacturing of parts, insufficient precision, insufficient strength, and manufacturing defects; rotor pump dynamic balance does not meet the requirements.

3. Installation and maintenance reasons: The installation accuracy requirements of the livestock breeding fan play an important role in the operation of the fan. If the installation accuracy does not meet the installation requirements, it will have a destructive effect on the operation of the new livestock and poultry fan.

4. Operation reason: During the use of the fan, it plays an important role in the maintenance of the fan and the running quality of the fan.

5. Reasons for deterioration of the machine: Generally, the livestock breeding fan has a service life, and the performance of the equipment that reaches the service life begins to deteriorate. This is also the case for livestock fans, such as long-term operation, increased rotor deflection or deterioration of dynamic balance; partial damage, shedding or cracking of the rotor; wear, pitting or corrosion of components; deterioration of the meshing surface, resulting in insufficient or loose interference, The compatibility and precision of the mechanical foundation are destroyed, the settlement is uneven, and the casing is uniformly deformed.

The above is the reason why we need to carry out maintenance of the animal husbandry fan, we can pay attention to it in the future use.