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Reasons and consequences of inaccurate calculation of resistance calculation of agricultural and animal husbandry pipe network
- 2019-11-14-

There is a difference between the pressure loss of the ventilation and dust removal pipe of the farm animal husbandry fan and the calculation result. If the program calculation is ignored, it will have a major impact on the performance of the wind turbine and should be taken seriously.

1. Reasons for inaccurate calculation of resistance level of agricultural and animal husbandry pipe network:

The pipe network resistance calculation is inaccurate, the drag coefficient is inaccurate; the system radius distribution is unreasonable; the fan inlet condition selection is not accurate; the random selection criteria are unreasonable. In the construction process, neglecting the influence of construction supervision on the site design change will result in a large error between the calculation result and the actual loss, resulting in the rated performance of the selected model is inconsistent with the actual running performance, and does not conform to the actual operation. Therefore, performance will change. If the calculated resistance is greater than the actual requirement, the flow generated by the centrifugal fan will greatly increase the actual power consumption. As a result, the total internal pressure efficiency is lowered, the rated power of the motor is easily overloaded, and there is a risk of motor burning, but the flow variation of the linear tilt total pressure curve is not greatly affected, otherwise the operating flow rate is reduced, the actual power consumption is reduced, and the fan is reduced. s efficiency. At the same time, due to the reduction of the flow rate, the flow in the pipeline of the dust removal system is reduced, which promotes the deposition of dust. These two conditions will make livestock and livestock fans in a state of light load, inefficiency and energy saving for a long time.

2, the consequences of inaccurate selection of the full pressure level of agricultural and animal husbandry fans:

Treatment of the selected negative pressure of the agricultural and animal husbandry fans will destroy the normal heat balance. As the amount of intake air increases, the decrease in temperature affects combustion or heating, resulting in an increase in heat source energy loss. When the fan emits dusty exhaust gas, the pollution source remains closed, forming a negative pressure state, which prevents the diffusion of pollutants.