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Farming and animal husbandry fan cleaning method and working principle
- 2019-09-23-

As we all know, the farming and animal husbandry fan is a kind of ventilation equipment, allowing indoor air to circulate. After long-term use, there will be a lot of dust on the surface. At this point, we need to clean it up. We will introduce you to the cleaning method.

Disconnect the main power of the fan first, then remove the fan. Unscrew the screws on the filter net, remove the filter, soak it in water, and rinse off. Cover the animal husbandry fan with a plastic bag, connect the tap water to the spray pipe and the cleaning port, and wash the culture fan bottom basin with water. When the main components and parts of the fan are cleaned, dry them, and filter the components back into the fan. After the installation is complete, re-connect the main power of the fan and perform other operations within 5 minutes.

The agricultural and animal husbandry fan, also known as the negative pressure fan, is a new type of fan, which belongs to the axial flow fan. It is mainly used for the negative pressure ventilation cooling project and is called the negative pressure fan.

Fan ventilation principle

The fan exhausts outward, reducing the indoor air pressure, and the indoor air becomes thin. The characteristics of the animal husbandry form a negative pressure zone. The air flows into the room due to the compensation of the air pressure difference. In the practical application of industrial plants, the animal husbandry is concentrated on one side of the plant, and the air inlet is arranged on the other side of the plant. Air is blown into the fan by convection from the air inlet. During this process, the doors and windows near the livestock fan remain closed, and the air is forced into the workshop by compensating the doors and windows on the inlet side. The air enters the workshop in an orderly manner from the air inlet through the workshop, and is discharged from the workshop by the fan after passing through the workshop. The ventilation efficiency of farm and animal husbandry fans is relatively high. Through specific engineering design, ventilation speed and wind speed can be designed according to requirements. Any high heat, harmful gas, dust and smoke can be quickly discharged from the workshop. Any problem of poor ventilation can be solved once and for all. Ventilation can be achieved within a few seconds of turning on the fan.