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How to choose a standardized pig house fan
- 2019-09-23-

Pig house fan selection principle

The general principle on which the turbine is selected is economic. That is to say, which fan is suitable for use needs to be determined by comparing the economic benefits obtained by installing and using the fan with changing environmental conditions.

On this basis, the following points need to be considered:

1 In order to reduce the airflow when ventilation is too strong, causing drastic changes in the temperature of the house. When using negative pressure ventilation, it is reasonable to use a fan with a smaller air volume than a small fan with a large air volume.

2 In order to save electricity, reduce management costs, and increase work efficiency, it is uneconomical to use a fan with a large output per horsepower to increase the air volume on the basis of air volume.

3 The amount of ventilation in summer and the amount of ventilation in winter vary greatly. Therefore, when selecting a fan, it should be able to adjust the air volume as needed throughout the year. First, the use of variable speed fans. The second is to use the combination of wind turbines, that is, to select a wind volume to achieve winter ventilation, that is, a relatively low ventilation fan, continuous operation throughout the year; then select a supplementary fan, with which the air volume can reach the summer air volume. These two types of fans are paired.

4 Because the house is dusty and humid, you should choose a fan with a fully sealed motor, and you need to install overheating to reduce the overheating and burn the motor.

5 In order to reduce the noise hazard, a fan with low vibration and low sound should be used.

6 The pig house fan should have anti-rust, anti-corrosion, dust-proof and other properties, and it is fixed.

Determination of fan power:

1 The choice of fan power depends on the total ventilation of the barn and the use of the fan.

2 The total ventilation of the barn is generally based on the amount of summer ventilation, which is based on the summer ventilation parameters of different livestock multiplied by the number of livestock in the house. The total ventilation required by the barn should be changed to the total air volume of the fan. Since there is resistance when the airflow passes through the tuyere, the total ventilation is reduced by about 15% to 20%, and the rest is the total air volume of the fan. The purpose of ventilation is to supply fresh air and discharge dirty air. Therefore, the axial-flow livestock fan is generally selected.

Pig house fan selection should also pay attention to:

1 Fan selection is an important factor in the design of the mechanical ventilation system of the barn and cannot be ignored.

2 The livestock house shall be mechanically ventilated. The selected fan shall have a relative static pressure (water column) to overcome the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the house. The pressure difference is about 40 to 50 Pa. Generally, the static pressure of an axial fan installed on a wall is basically within this range, and a static pressure of 30 Pa is often used.

3 The barn is ventilated with a fan with a large diameter and a slow rotation speed.