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  • Livestock breeding fan

    Livestock breeding fan With the development of society, the application of wind turbines has become more and more extensive, and the aquaculture industry haContact Now

  • Cooling wet curtain fan

    Cooling wet curtain fan There are many cooling schemes for the plant, such as cooling of the cooling curtain fan, cooling of the environmental air conditioneContact Now

  • Farming and animal husbandry

    Farming and animal husbandry As we all know, good environmental control is a prerequisite for healthy breeding. Farming and animal husbandry fans arContact Now

  • Pig house fan

    Pig house fan The transmission is subjected to dynamic and static balance check, and the louver adopts centrifugal opening system to reduce wind reContact Now

  • Chicken house fan

    Chicken house fan The chicken house fan of Qingdao Monte New Wind Technology Co., Ltd. is specially designed for stacking high-density cage chicken houContact Now

  • Farming negative pressure fan

    Farming negative pressure fan Features: 1. The outer frame is made of zinc, the thickness of the plate is 1.0mm, and the zinc layer is 275g'm2. 2, thContact Now

  • Flower greenhouse fan

    Flower greenhouse fan The so-called flower greenhouse fan is mainly used for the insulation and ventilation of the flower growth. It is mainlContact Now

  • Push-pull fan

    Push-pull fan The advantages are: low investment, low energy consumption, good cooling effect, it can reduce the temperature to about 28 degrees, wContact Now

  • Bell fan

    Bell fan The novel and reasonable bell mouth design can gather the air volume and concentrated wind direction, and the air volume is larger, wContact Now

  • Livestock ventilation window

    Livestock ventilation window In recent years, there are more and more farms. The animal husbandry ventilation window is the equipment needed by the farm. ThereforContact Now

  • Hood

    Hood With the development of science and technology, everyone is more and more familiar with the hood, and it has gradually been applied tContact Now

  • Intelligent environmental control system

    Intelligent environmental control system The technical application provided technical support for the construction of aquaculture big data, enriching the types and quantitiesContact Now

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