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Flower greenhouse fan cooling principle
- 2019-11-01-

The flower greenhouse fan wet curtain cooling system is currently widely used in flower production greenhouses, and is more efficient and suitable for crop growth. How to properly set up the fan wet curtain system in the construction of flower greenhouses, give full play to its role and promote flower growth?

Principle of action

Understand how the downwind works: When outdoor hot air is drawn through a wet curtain filled with water, the water on the wet curtain absorbs heat and evaporates, reducing the temperature of the air entering the greenhouse. Under normal circumstances, the wet curtain composed of wet curtain, wet curtain water distribution system, water pump and water tank is continuously constructed along one wall of the greenhouse, and the fan is arranged on the other side of the greenhouse. The wet curtain must be kept moist to ensure the completion of the evaporation and cooling process. Depending on the size and size of the greenhouse, a suitable flower greenhouse fan can be installed on the wall opposite the wet curtain to allow the air to pass through the greenhouse.

The effect of evaporative cooling is related to the degree of air drying, that is, the difference between the wet bulb temperature of the air and the dry bulb temperature. The temperature difference between dry and wet air changes not only with the geographical location and season, but also changes within one day. Although the dry bulb temperature may change to 14 °C within one day, the wet bulb temperature varies only for dry bulb humidity. /3 or so. Therefore, at noon in high humidity areas, the evaporation system can still cool down, which is also required for greenhouse production.

Selection principle

The principle of selecting the wet curtain size of the flower greenhouse fan is to achieve excellent results for the wet curtain system. Generally, in the production of flower greenhouses, fiber wet curtains of 10 cm thick or 15 cm thick are often used. The 10 cm thick fiber wet curtain has a good effect at a wind speed of 76 m/min, and the 15 cm thick paper wet curtain requires a wind speed of 122 m/min.