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The benefits of livestock breeding fans for the development of aquaculture
- 2019-09-23-

In recent years, in the livestock industry, a suitable living environment is very important. Non-ventilating and non-breathable will produce harmful substances and bring different diseases to the livestock industry. In order to reduce diseases related to animal husbandry, a good environment must be created for the livestock industry. The following is a brief description of the benefits of livestock farming fans for the development of aquaculture. The aquaculture fan, also known as the negative pressure fan, is a new type of fan, mainly used for negative pressure ventilation and cooling engineering, and is called a negative pressure fan. At the same time, the problem of ventilation cooling is solved.

China's aquaculture industry has developed rapidly. For example, the pig industry: in the large-scale pig breeding and intensive pig production, the overall health level of the pig population, the growth rate, the stable production in the breeding season, and the conservation effect of the piglets in the delivery room have been Due to the influence and restriction of the air environment in the pig house, indoor air quality control is an important factor in the production of large pigs. In order to increase the overall health of the herd and the production efficiency of large-scale pigs, it is necessary to better control the environment of the pig house.

The new cooling system for environmental control - animal husbandry fan + cooling wet curtain system, using the breeding fan + cooling curtain wet cooling system can better improve the temperature and humidity of the house air to achieve healthy growth of pigs. When the fan is running, a negative pressure is generated in the pigsty, so that the outdoor air enters the porous wet curtain and enters the pigsty. At the same time, the water circulation system works. The water in the water tank at the bottom of the machine room is transported along the water pipeline to the top of the wet curtain, so that the wet curtain is relatively well wet, and the water on the surface of the paper curtain flows at a high speed. Evaporation takes away a large amount of latent heat, forcing the temperature of the air flowing through the wet curtain to be lower than the temperature of the outdoor air, that is, the temperature of the cooling curtain is 5-12 degrees lower than the temperature of the outdoor air. The dryer the air, the greater the temperature difference and the better the cooling effect. Since the air is introduced into the room from the outside, the indoor air can be kept fresh. At the same time, due to the principle of evaporative cooling, livestock breeding fans have the dual function of cooling and changing air quality. The use of a cooling system in a pig house not only reduces the temperature of the air in the pig house and changes the humidity of the air, but also introduces fresh air to reduce the concentration of harmful gases such as ammonia in the pig house.