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How to choose a livestock breeding fan
- 2019-11-14-

Modern chicken farms are becoming more and more scientific, large-scale and enterprise-oriented. The chicken farmers will put the input and output benefits of the chicken farm in front. Many people choose to choose the livestock breeding fan in the chicken farm. How to choose it? Let Qingdao Monte New Wind Technology Co., Ltd. give you a brief introduction. Hope Help everyone!

When selecting livestock breeding fans, it is important to check key components that affect the performance of the fan, such as the casing, air inlet hood, motor, fan blades, rotating assembly, and automatic opening device blinds. The choice of fan casing depends mainly on the coating thickness of the cold-galvanized sheet. Thin and easy to rust, not suitable for use; fan inlet hood is galvanized steel and glass, galvanized steel is better; supporting motor power is 750 watts and 1100 watts, using 1100 watt motor is better; There are many types of fans, the material is stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, color steel plate. From the performance point of view, the fan blades should be stainless steel. There are many types of fan blades, and the modeling process is complicated. The rotating assembly has die-cast aluminum and cast iron. In comparison, the performance of die-cast aluminum is better. The automatic shutter opening device has centrifugal hammer type, gravity hammer type and wind blowing. formula. From the experience point of view, the centrifugal hammer is relatively stable, the gravity hammer is susceptible to dust accumulation, and the opening and closing is easy to fail. The blower fan is mainly used for 36 inch fans. Louver is primarily dependent on its good sealing.

The user can choose the animal husbandry fan that is produced by Qingdao Montexin Wind Technology Co., Ltd. and is currently on the market.