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Advantages, features and applications of push-pull fans
- 2019-10-23-

First, the advantages of push-pull fans:

◆Low investment and low energy consumption. In the case of the same amount of cooling, the investment is about one-sixth of that of the air conditioner, and the operating cost is about one lost.

◆The cooling effect is good, and the temperature can be reduced to about 28 °C according to the human body temperature. If the water in the well is used as the water source of the water tank, the effect is better, and it can be compared with the effect of the air conditioner.

◆ Fresh and humid air.

Second, the characteristics of push-pull fans:

◆Frame: It adopts novel automatic processing technology, one-time molding, special thick galvanized layer (150g/m2), good corrosion resistance. Add a spout at the bottom.

◆Pulley wheel; aviation aluminum alloy V-shaped wheel, hot-pressed casting, light material, high strength, good toughness, no break;

◆Blade: 6 pieces of disposable stainless steel blade, no deformation, no break, beautiful and durable. The whole machine runs the balance test, and its reasonable blade angle produces low noise while ensuring the production airflow.

◆ Louver; high-strength hot-dip galvanized sheet, automatic opening device for blinds (push-opening mechanism); ensure smooth opening and closing of blinds, keep 90° open, make blinds windproof, windproof, rainproof and dustproof;

◆ Roller shutter push-opening mechanism: industrial nylon injection molding, good toughness, high strength, long service life;

The metal plate is embedded in the rod, which increases the strength of the guide rod and improves the stability and service life of the opening and closing mechanism.

◆Motor: It adopts double support (E type) belt drive, equipped with energy-saving motor, national standard, protection grade: IP54, insulation grade: F;

◆Belt: Imported B belt, no deformation, long service life, maintenance-free throughout the life cycle.

◆Belt tensioner: aluminum-magnesium alloy, molded bracket, no deformation, long service life, inner expansion of the belt

Tighten to avoid reverse deformation of the belt to ensure the normal life of the V belt.

◆ Detection: Strict quality inspection procedures: noise detection, vibration detection, rotation concentric performance detection, fan speed detection.

Detection, air volume detection, comprehensive efficiency detection;

Third, the application of push-pull fan:

◆ Ventilation: installed outside the shop window. Generally, a lower air outlet is used to extract the odor gas.

General chemical plants are widely used.

◆Used with wet curtains: used in cooling workshops in hot summer days, no matter how hot your workshop is, wet curtain negative pressure fan system

Can reduce the temperature of your workshop by about 8-10c and have a certain humidity.

The scope of application of push-pull fans:

◆Applicable to workshops with high temperature or odor: such as heat treatment plant, foundry, plastics factory, aluminum profile factory, shoe factory, etc.

Leather factory, electroplating factory, chemical plant.

◆Applicable to labor-intensive enterprises such as garment factories, assembly workshops and Internet cafes.

◆ Ventilation and cooling of greenhouses and livestock farms.

◆Applicable to places that need to cool down and have a certain humidity. Such as cotton spinning mills, wool mills, hemp mills, textile mills, chemical fiber mills, warp knitting mills, deformation mills, knitting mills, silk textile mills, socks factories and other textile mills.

◆Applicable to warehousing and logistics:

◆Exhaust fan: At present, the general exhaust fan (commonly known as Yanggu fan) is relatively inefficient, and one exhaust fan cannot blow a few people.