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Application of pig house fan
- 2019-09-23-

In the process of using the pig house fan, it is necessary to understand how to use and maintain it properly, and how to use it more energy-efficiently. Only the increased use efficiency can make the use more suitable for the needs of the site. Some users have raised such questions, and the efficiency of use has been changed, but the energy-saving effect has been greatly reduced. How can we increase the energy-saving performance under the premise of achieving efficiency?

For some relations between different flows, we divide the adjustment method into several different ways, that is, the adjustment method has little effect on the energy-saving effect, and even more than energy-saving, the cow house fan, but the consumption of the adjustment device Gong. The shift adjustment curve is close to the ideal curve. Therefore, the pig house fan, the speed adjustment method is better, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of variable frequency motor speed control energy-saving scheme is appropriate, but need to add frequency conversion device.

Adjustment is to make the wind pressure or the air volume reach a standard and control the human. Through effective adjustment, the high pressure can achieve the requirements of flow or pressure and energy saving under the condition of stable operation. Although the user will adopt different adjustment methods, the purpose is the same, but the effect is relatively different.

The choice of adjustment method is not only related to the use effect, but also has a great impact on the energy saving problem of the pig house fan. Therefore, choosing an appropriate adjustment method can maintain the effect of energy saving on the premise of the same effect. Only in this way can we increase the efficiency of use, raise chicken fans, achieve energy saving, and also provide better protection and increase the efficiency of use.

Since the wind turbine needs the same nuclear power as the air-conditioner household appliance and needs to operate the electric power, the exhaust air needs to be smoother, so as to prevent the internal machine from being burned, and of course, it has been applied in the field of grain drying and enterprises.