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Maintenance of flower greenhouse fan
- 2019-09-23-

When the flower greenhouse fan bearing temperature is normal, it is less than 70 ° C. If it rises to 70 ° C, if it is electronically controlled, it should be alarmed. At this point you should find out why. First check if the cooling water is normal. Is the bearing oil level normal? If the cause cannot be found at this time, the bearing temperature rises quickly to 90 degrees Celsius, and the electronic control should issue an alarm and stop signal again. If the abnormality is found during the start, stop or operation of the fan, it should be checked in time to find out the minor faults found in the inspection, find out the cause, and try to clean up. If it is found that the fan has large vibration, large impact, and the bearing temperature rises rapidly, it should be stopped and checked in time.

After the first run of the flower greenhouse fan for one month, the lubricant should be replaced. In addition to the replacement after each disassembly, under normal circumstances, replace the lubricant from January to February, you can also change the lubricant according to the actual situation.

Proper maintenance is an important guarantee for stable operation of the fan and increased service life. Therefore, you need to be careful when using the fan.

Impeller maintenance

During the initial phase of the impeller operation and during periodic inspections, the impeller must be inspected for cracks, wear, dust and other imperfections whenever there is an opportunity. Keep the impeller clean as much as possible, and regularly brush the dust and rust on the impeller with a wire brush. As the running time increases, the dust does not uniformly adhere to the impeller, causing the impeller to be balanced and even the rotor vibrates. As long as the impeller is repaired, it needs to be rebalanced. A portable test balancer can be used for field balancing if conditions permit. Before balancing, check that the fastening bolts are tight. These bolts may have loosened due to the impeller being in an unbalanced operating state for a period of time.

Cylinder and intake chamber maintenance

In addition to periodic inspections of the casing and inlet chamber for severe wear and wear, and for the cleaning of severe dust, these parts cannot be maintained in other different ways.

Regularly check that the fastening bolts are tightened. For flower greenhouse fans with fastening bolts, fasten the butterfly spring to the mounting height specified in the drawing.