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Maintenance and maintenance strategy of push-pull fan
- 2019-09-23-

As we all know, good environmental control is the precondition for healthy farming. The breeding fan is the main equipment in the environmental control system. It is very important to select and use, maintain and maintain the product.

The role of environmental regulation

Provide more oxygen to meet the basic needs of animal transformation

Adjusting the temperature inside the house to reduce heat stress in the animal population

Adjust the humidity inside the house to reduce bacterial growth or other health problems

Exhaust harmful gases and dust from the house to reduce the risk of respiratory diseases

Raiders for maintenance of push-pull fans

Regularly check the parallelism of the end face of the adjusting fan pulley and the motor pulley, and check the wear of the belt and the belt groove. If the wear is serious, it needs to be replaced in time.

Adjust the belt tightness every 2 weeks, and pay attention to whether the belt is deformed or cracked, and if it is deformed or cracked, replace it in time.

Regularly check the fixing of the silk, and regularly seal the holes, shafts, belt grooves, etc. to reduce wear.

Regularly observe the flexibility of the fan shutter switch, check for deformation, and clean the dust of the blades and blinds to avoid affecting ventilation.

Push-pull fan purchase tips

According to the geographical area, the type of pigs, the number of breeding, the size of the house, the season, the amount of breathing, the ventilation mode and other factors, the ventilation rate or ventilation of the pig house is calculated.

According to the layout of the equipment, building sealing, pressure loss and other data, the farm is configured for the number of fans.

Under the premise of ensuring mild ventilation of pigs at different stages (reducing stress), the size of the fan is selected, and the appropriate fan products are selected according to the performance of the push-pull fan, equipment layout, building sealing, pressure loss and other data. .

The above is the maintenance information of the fan arranged by Qingdao Montexinfeng Technology Co., Ltd., hope that it can help you in your use!