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Importance of livestock ventilating windows in the process of raising chickens
- 2019-09-23-

Ventilation is becoming more and more important for the importance of raising chickens. The method of raising chickens is ventilation, ventilation and ventilation, which fully reflects the importance of livestock ventilation windows in the process of raising chickens.

Different widths of the house require different wind speeds. The wider the house, the greater the required wind speed, so that fresh cold air can flow to the top of the middle of the house without falling down in the middle. In the case where the condition of turning on one 36-type fan is unchanged, no matter how long the fan is opened, the opening of the louver is larger, and the wind speed of the intake air is smaller. Below Qingdao Montenews Technology Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the use of ventilation windows.

Poorly ventilated chickens are sick quickly, farmers do not know how to do

1. Whether the livestock ventilation window is in normal use

The chicken house is well ventilated, and the farmer does not need to squat, there is a good harvest. The temperature of the chicken body is closely related to each season. When the chicken is small, it is not easy to ventilate. It is really important to use the wind window.

The side wall ventilation window is tightly sealed, side-opened, and the length can also be customized. The air volume can be selected at will. The engineering is made of ABS plastic and PVC plastic. It is a good choice for ventilation in chicken houses.

2. Does the fan have normal use?

The fan adopts automatic centrifugal device. When the fan is running, the flexible blinds can use a little wind, and the automatic centrifugal device ensures that the blinds are stably opened. The cooperation of multiple fans can lower the temperature inside the house in a short time. To the ideal temperature.

Qingdao Mengxinfeng Technology Co., Ltd.'s overall plastic fan has long-term corrosion resistance, small fan blade noise, simple cleaning, high insulation strength and high safety factor. It is a good choice for modern plant and livestock industry.

If you want to raise chickens, animal husbandry ventilation window + fan, one can not be less!