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Principle and application of cooling and cooling curtain fan system
- 2019-09-23-

First, the principle of fan curtain cooling and cooling system

The main equipment of the fan wet curtain ventilation cooling system is the negative pressure fan and water curtain, which adopts the principle of negative pressure exhaust and water evaporative cooling. Before we understand the cooling principle of a fan curtain cooling system, we first understand two terms: negative pressure and evaporative cooling. Negative pressure: When we understand the concept of negative pressure, we can imagine it is a large plastic bag. When we use a needle to draw air from a plastic bag, the pressure inside the plastic bag is reduced. When we pump the air, the plastic bag collapses and the air outside the bag tries to enter to fill the vacuum. In the greenhouse, the vacuum generated by the fan allows the fresh air filtered by the water curtain to enter the greenhouse. Evaporative cooling: In our lives, we have the experience that when the water is applied to the surface of the skin, the wind will feel cool. This is a phenomenon in which water absorbs heat from the air during evaporation and causes the temperature of the air to drop. This is the phenomenon of water evaporation and cooling. The reason for the cooling of the wet curtain is to use such a principle.

Second, the model of the cooling curtain

Negative pressure fans are also called water curtain fans or wet curtain fans. The outer frame is generally made of galvanized sheet and is also made of stainless steel. The main components are: outer frame, air collector, fan blade, hub, blinds, the main power is the motor. The specifications are divided according to the fan blade diameter: diameter 710mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1400mm. According to the installation appearance, it can be divided into: 800mm1000mm, 1380mm, 1538mm and other multi-functional models. In addition, there are trumpet-shaped, different models of different air volume can be selected according to user needs.

Third, the composition and installation of wet curtain

The wet curtain of the cooling curtain fan is mainly composed of polymer water curtain paper. The wet paper curtain is a different product. After different treatments, the structure has high strength and corrosion resistance, and the service period is more than six years. We can see the lower resistance and permeability from the light transmission of wet curtain paper. This shows that the wet curtain paper has excellent ventilation and wet water, which can achieve uniform water penetration throughout the wet curtain wall. The wet curtain is paper. The three-dimensional design provides a relatively large surface area for evaporation of heat exchange between water and air. The outer frame of the wet curtain is made of aluminum alloy or galvanized sheet. The purpose of selecting these two materials is to reduce rust. The structure of the outer frame is carefully designed. The upper frame has a slot for installing the inlet pipe, and the inlet pipe. It can be fixed inside the upper frame, the water inlet is in the middle, the water flows from the water inlet and then spreads evenly through the water inlet pipe to the whole paper curtain. When installing the outer frame, firstly place a row of horizontal paper curtains in the upper frame. The paper curtain plays the role of water distribution, so that the entire paper curtain can be evenly oozing down, and the prepared wet curtain papers are arranged side by side in the assembled frame, and the already spliced wet curtain paper is placed vertically. Then it is drilled on the four sides of the wet curtain and fixed with gas nails, so that a wet curtain is finished. The wet curtain is mounted at one end of the wall or side wall of the enclosed building, and the fan is mounted at the other end of the wall or side wall. The cooling fan draws out indoor air and creates a negative pressure that causes outdoor air to flow over the porous wet curtain surface. When outdoor air flows over the surface of the porous wet curtain, a large amount of heat in the air is converted, and the air entering the room is forced to continuously decrease by 10-15 degrees Celsius. Introduced indoor heat and cooling.

Fourth, the advantages of cooling curtain cooling curtain water curtain ventilation cooling system

The air is fresh, and the physical process of natural humidification and cooling is utilized by the cooperation of the fan in the water curtain, and the fresh air is continuously pumped to purify the working environment, thereby increasing the comfort of the environment. The cooling effect is better, generally the reduction can reach 10-15 ° C. The low cost: because the wet curtain cooling system has a simple structure, the material used is relatively low in price, so the cost is low, and it is 1/30 of the investment in air conditioning equipment. Silent and comfortable: large air volume No vibration, low noise and large production capacity. Energy-saving and environmental protection; no freon refrigeration enzyme, equivalent to compressor air conditioning, operating costs are much lower.

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