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Scientific and reasonable calculation method of animal husbandry ventilation window
- 2019-09-23-

The suitable temperature for chicken growth is 18-25 ° C. It can also reach a relatively good production level between 13-28 ° C. The temperature difference between day and night in the house needs to be controlled within 5 ° C, not exceeding 8 ° C. The temperature of the point is controlled within 2 ° C, and the vertical temperature difference does not exceed 1 ° C. The temperature inside the house should be adjusted according to changes in the outside temperature to keep the temperature within a reasonable range.

Here we mainly talk about the animal ventilating window in the ventilation system, also known as the ventilation window chicken house inlet window.

First, the role of the side wind window

In the case of negative pressure ventilation, there are two periods in which a side wind window is required.

1. When using the mixed ventilation mode: use the exhaust fan at the end of the chicken house to exhaust the air, close the air inlet at the front end of the chicken house and the wet curtain position of the side wall, so that the air enters the chicken house from the ventilation window on the side wall of the chicken house, so that It can not only get fresh air into the house, but also reduce the incoming cold air directly to the chicken. It should be noted that in the spring and autumn, the air in the room can be increased to a greater extent, so that the air is evenly mixed to reach the equilibrium temperature.

2. When using the horizontal ventilation mode: Install the exhaust fan on one side wall. When the horizontal ventilation is performed, only the air inlet of the side wall opposite to the transverse fan is opened, and the air inlet on the same side as the horizontal fan is closed. Lateral ventilation is designed to achieve both air quality without causing too much change in the ambient temperature in the house, as the birds are barely able to blow through the wind during horizontal ventilation. It is generally used during cold seasons and during brooding.

Second, the specifications of animal husbandry ventilation window

In most cases, it is necessary to make the air gap reach the full length of the house to get more ventilation, so in practice, the air inlet needs to be as long as possible. There are a variety of external dimensions, generally: width 560mm, height 270mm; width 600mm, height 320mm, or width 700mm, height 300mm and other specifications.

Third, the material of the side wind window

It is generally made of engineering plastic injection molding, which is easy to use and requires an anti-bird net for the outer mouth.

Fourth, how to configure the side wind window

Many companies allocate ventilation windows instead of the amount of ventilation required for the number of birds, but based on the length of the house, estimated to be 3 meters or 4 meters.

Fifth, the installation of the side wind window

The ventilating window of the animal husbandry is not less than 500 from the top of the chicken cage, and the eaves are not less than 300 from the small window. The wall on one side of the small window needs to achieve the same plane; the height of the small window below 15cm needs to be fixed and the hollow bolt structure can not be used; Reduce the backflow of rainwater, and the lower edge of the small window is higher than the outer side.