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Ventilation principle and scope of the bell fan
- 2019-09-23-

The ventilation principle of the bell fan is that the negative pressure exhaust fan of the workshop exhausts the air outward, reducing the indoor air pressure, making the indoor air thinner and forming a negative pressure zone. The air flows into the room due to the compensation of the air pressure difference. In the practical application of industrial plants, the negative pressure exhaust fan is installed centrally on the side of the plant, and the air inlet is on the other side of the plant. Air is convected from the air inlet into the negative pressure fan. During this process, the doors and windows near the negative pressure fan remain closed, and the air is forced into the workshop by compensating the doors and windows on the side of the intake port. The air enters the workshop from the air inlet, passes through the workshop, and is discharged by the workshop negative pressure fan. The ventilation effect is good and the ventilation rate is high. Through specific engineering design, the ventilation speed and wind speed can be designed according to the needs. Different high heat, harmful gases, dust and smoke can be discharged from the workshop relatively quickly, and the problem of poor ventilation can be solved once and for all. Ventilation is achieved within a few seconds of opening the exhaust fan.

Flare fan range:

1. Suitable for high temperature and odor workshops in heat treatment plants, foundries, plastics factories, aluminum profile plants, shoe factories, leather factories, electroplating plants, and different chemical plants.

2. Applicable to labor-intensive enterprises such as garment factories, different assembly workshops, and Internet cafes.

3. The horticultural greenhouse is ventilated and cooled, and the livestock farm is cooled.

4. It is more suitable for places that need cooling and humidity. Such as cotton mill, wool factory, weaving factory, chemical fiber factory, warp knitting factory, elastic factory, knitting factory, silk factory, sock factory and other textile factories.

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