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Livestock breeding fan

Livestock breeding fan

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With the development of society, the application of wind turbines has become more and more extensive, and the aquaculture industry has also used fans. The transmission device of the livestock breeding fan has undergone dynamic and static balance verification. The louver adopts the centrifugal opening principle to reduce the wind resistance and greatly improve the efficiency of the fan. When not in operation, a strong spring closes the blinds tightly, each fan passes a separate quality check, the outer casing and the shroud are made of strong, coated copper plywood, and the blinds are coated steel Made of plywood to ensure strength, the middle wheel and the sturdy belt pulley are die-cast from aluminum and with ribs to increase the service life. So, how do you choose a livestock breeding fan that suits your farm? Below, Qingdao Monte New Wind Technology Co., Ltd. for your detailed analysis.
1. According to the component selection type of the exhaust body: the composition of the exhaust gas in the environment determines the type of the animal husbandry fan. There are two main types of materials used in wind turbines on the market today. One is a negative pressure fan made of FRP anti-corrosion material, and the other is a negative pressure fan made of galvanized sheet material, if the exhaust gas is exhausted. The body composition contains acid-base corrosiveness, so it is necessary to use a livestock breeding fan made of FRP anti-corrosion material. If the exhaust temperature is not high and non-corrosive, a negative pressure fan made of galvanized metal plate may be used.
2, according to the installation location to select the size: the installation position of the fan determines its size, the displacement and power of a single fan, and try to choose the size of the negative pressure fan. If the installation position is large, the selected negative pressure fan is small, and the exhaust effect is definitely not good. It is difficult to seal and treat rainwater leakage. If the size of the livestock breeding fan is larger than the size of the installation location, it cannot be installed.
3. Select the type of fan according to economic ability: the cost of FRP anti-corrosion negative pressure fan is higher than that of galvanized steel plate negative pressure fan. If there is sufficient investment budget, choose FRP anti-corrosion negative pressure fan. After all, FRP negative pressure fans are more durable than galvanized negative pressure fans. If the current funds are insufficient, choose a galvanized sheet negative pressure fan.

motor 0.5 horses 0.75 horses 1.0 horse
Air volume @0Pa M3/h[cfm] 18,800[11,070] 20,500[12,080] 23,400[13,760]
Air volume @25Pa M3/h[cfm] 18,000[]9,420] 18,100[10,630] 21,400[12,610]
Energy efficiency @0Pa Cfm/h/w[cfm] 32.6 [19.2] 27.2[16.0] 22.6[13.3]