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Pig house fan

Pig house fan

Product Details

The transmission of the pig house fan is checked by dynamic and static balance. The louver is opened by centrifugal system to reduce the wind resistance and greatly improve the efficiency of the fan. When the fan is not running, the strong spring can firmly close the blinds, and each fan passes the quality inspection. The housing and shroud of the fan are made of sturdy, coated steel plywood, which is made of coated steel plywood to ensure high strength. The intermediate hub and V-belt are die-cast from aluminum. Made with ribs to increase service life.
The outer frame of the pig house fan: zinc material, plate thickness 1.0mm, zinc layer 275gm2 fan blade: the fan blade is made of 66 type nylon mixed with 30% glass fiber, high hardness and toughness, through the dynamic flat street test, reducing energy consumption, Extend the service life louver: 275 grams square meters high zinc plate, 0.6mm thick, easy to install and disassemble the belt; Japan imported Samsung belt motor: a variety of motors to choose the leaf opening method: no weight, can achieve natural opening and closing.
Qingdao Montexinfeng Technology Co., Ltd. has more experience in the production and installation of pig house fans. The department allocates fans according to the actual situation of the pig house to achieve good ventilation.

motor 1.0/1.2 horses 1.5 horses
Air volume @0Pa M3/h[cfm] 37,000[21,800] 42,900[25,300]
Air volume @25Pa M3/h[cfm] 32,500[19,200] 38,400[22,600]
Air volume @50Pa M3/h[cfm] 26,200[15,400] 33,800[19,900]
Energy efficiency @0Pa M3/h/w[cfm/W] 33.9[20.0] 27.0[15.9]