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Farming and animal husbandry

Farming and animal husbandry

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As we all know, good environmental control is a prerequisite for healthy breeding. Farming and animal husbandry fans are the main equipment of environmental control systems. The fan is a new and reasonable bell mouth design, which can gather air volume and concentrated wind direction, and the air volume is larger and more energy-saving. The outer frame material is made of zinc plate which is processed by automatic equipment. The following describes in detail the role, maintenance and purchase methods of this farming and animal husbandry fan:
First, the environmental regulation of agricultural and animal husbandry fans 1, provide more oxygen to meet the basic needs of animals 2, adjust the indoor temperature to prevent animal population heat stress 3, regulate indoor humidity to prevent bacterial growth or other health problems 4, from the farm Exhaust harmful gases and dust to reduce the risk of respiratory illness

Second, the maintenance strategy of agricultural and animal husbandry fans 1, regular inspection and adjustment of the fan pulley and the motor pulley end face parallelism, check the belt and belt groove wear, wear is serious, timely replacement.
2. Adjust the tightness of the belt every 2 weeks, pay attention to the belt without deformation or crack. If there is deformation or crack, it should be replaced in time.
3. Regularly check the fixing of the upset steel wire. Regularly apply butter to the holes, shafts and belt grooves to prevent wear.
4. Regularly observe the flexibility of the fan shutter switch, check for deformation, and clean the dust on the blades and roller blinds to avoid affecting ventilation.
Third, the purchase method of farming and animal husbandry fan 1, according to geographical area, pig type, feeding number, house size, season, respiratory rate, ventilation and other factors to calculate the ventilation or ventilation of the pig house.
2. Calculate the number of fans on the farm based on data such as equipment layout, building seals, and pressure loss.
3. Under the premise of ensuring mild ventilation (decompression) of the pig at different stages, select the size of the fan, and select the appropriate fan product according to the data such as fan performance, equipment layout, building seal and pressure loss.

motor 1.5 horses
Air volume @ 0 Pa M3/h[cfm] 45,100[26,600]
Air volume @ 25 Pa M3/h[cfm] 40,800 [24,000]
Air volume @50 Pa M3/h[cfm] 35,800[21,100]
Energy efficiency @ 0 Pa M3/h/W[cfm/W] 27.0[15.9]