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Cooling wet curtain fan

Cooling wet curtain fan

Product Details

There are many cooling schemes for the plant, such as cooling of the cooling curtain fan, cooling of the environmental air conditioner, cooling of the industrial fan, etc. These solutions have advantages. The cooling scheme used in each location is also different. Although the product and principle are different, the effect is ventilation and cooling.
Cooling wet curtain fan, as its name suggests, is a combination of water curtain fan and negative pressure fan. It adopts water curtain fan cooling system, water evaporation and heat absorption principle, negative pressure ventilation principle, exhaust gas, dirty gas and release high temperature and sultry heat. After installation, it can improve the hot and humid environment of the plant. It allows the temperature in the plant (32-45 degrees Celsius) to drop rapidly within 10 minutes, maintaining at 26-30 degrees Celsius.
Features of cooling curtains:
1. EM53 anti-high pressure fan is researched and built for stacking high-density cage chicken house. It can maintain good ventilation performance under high negative pressure cage environment, and meet the requirements of cooling and ventilation of chicken house. The venturi tube is made of sturdy galvanized steel. 3. The louver adopts the centrifugal opening principle to reduce the wind resistance and greatly improve the efficiency of the fan. 4. The motor passes the quality control test. 5. The new fan blade design ensures the low speed. The fan has better pressure resistance and smaller air volume attenuation, resulting in higher air volume.
The cooling of the cooling curtain fan can achieve the effect of ventilation and ventilation, which can solve the problems of high temperature, sultry heat and air pollution of the plant. Various sizes of water curtains and water curtain frames can be customized according to user requirements. Through the negative pressure ventilation, the outdoor and indoor air are exchanged, and the hot and dirty air in the factory is discharged outside the factory, and fresh air naturally flows into the factory.
If the temperature is higher than 10-20 degrees Celsius, production activities will not work properly. Therefore, the timely use of the cooling curtain fan is the only way to improve production efficiency and stability. Practice has proved that the "wet curtain + fan" cooling equipment is the cooling measures for the economic use of the plant.

Motor 1.0 horse 2.0 horses
Air volume @ 0Pa M3/h[cfm] 42,200[24,900] 49,500[29,100]
Air volume @ 25Pa M3/h[cfm] 35,100[20,700] 44,700[26,300]
Air volume @ 50Pa M3/h[cfm] 26,200[15,400] 36,400[21,400]
Air volume @ 0Pa M3/h/w[cfm/W] 43.7[25.7] 32.7[19.2]