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Talking about the selection, use and maintenance of the chicken house fan
- 2019-09-23-

For the choice of the fan house, when selecting the fan, pay attention to the key components that affect the performance of the fan, such as: casing, air inlet hood, motor, wind industry, rotating assembly, automatic opening device blinds. Select the fan shell mainly depends on the galvanized thickness of the galvanized sheet. Thin and easy to rust, should not be used: the fan inlet hood on the market has galvanized steel and glass materials, and more galvanized sheets are used: the motor power that is usually matched is 0.75KW and 1.1KW, and 1.1KW is selected. Good; there are many types of blades, such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, etc. In terms of performance, stainless steel blades should be used. There are many kinds of wind blade shapes, and the performance and processing techniques are complicated: the rotating assembly has die-cast aluminum and cast iron. In comparison, die-cast aluminum has better performance: the shutter opening device has centrifugal hammer and gravity hammer. And wind blowing. From experience, the centrifugal hammer type is more stable, the gravity hammer type is susceptible to dust accumulation, and the opening and closing is easy to malfunction. The wind blowing type is mainly used for small-sized fans, such as 36 inches. Blinds mainly look at whether the airtightness is excellent.

Chicken house fan structure and working principle

The fan is mainly composed of a fan blade, a blind window, a window opening mechanism, a motor, a pulley, an air inlet cover, an inner frame, a casing, a safety net and the like. When the machine is turned on, the fan is rotated by the motor, and the window opening mechanism is opened to open the blinds, and the shutters are automatically closed when the machine is stopped.

Fan use and maintenance

(1) Fans should be protected and packaged for long-distance transportation. Fans should be placed vertically to reduce heavy pressure and collision. Handle gently during handling to prevent damage to the fan.

(2) All fans should be inspected and maintained before the batch of chickens is raised. The bearing should be lubricated, and the lubrication window opening mechanism is suitable for straight triangle tape to remove dust on the blades, blinds, motors and other components.

(3) Pay attention to the fan voltage. When the fan is in normal use, the power supply needs to meet the requirements of the fan. The voltage up and down deviation must not exceed 10% of the rated voltage. When the fan is stopped, it is forbidden to use external force to open the blinds to reduce the damage of the blinds.

(4) Before the installation of the fan, the “equipment inspection-testing machine” procedure is required. The equipment inspection first depends on whether the equipment in the transportation is deformed or damaged, whether the connecting parts are fixed, and the sealing function of the blinds (whether the window opening mechanism is normal). The wind turbine test machine should check whether the air volume, noise, vibration and energy consumption are qualified. If it is found that the fault is unknown, it should stop in time.

(5) If the fan of the chicken house is not used for a long time, it should be sealed in a dry environment to prevent damage to the motor insulation. Apply rust-proof grease to rust-resistant metal parts.