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Evaporative wet curtain

Evaporative wet curtain

Product Details

Evaporative wet curtain has high evaporation efficiency, good water absorption, low pressure loss in wet state, thus reducing operating cost, no residue, low decomposition rate, self-cleaning, stable structure, self-supporting, long service life, low operating cost and convenient installation. As always, the quality is high, and during the use, attention should be paid to the degree of wetting of the wet curtain. Once the wet curtain is found to be wet, contact the appropriate personnel for repair. The fan and the water pump can be started separately, first open the pump, and then open the fan after 3-5 minutes; when stopping, first turn off the pump, adjust the wind speed to a high gear position, blow the wet curtain with the fan, turn off the fan after 5 minutes, it should be cut off. power supply.
In order to avoid fouling and clogging in the evaporative wet curtain, attention should be paid to impurities in the water. Should pay attention to excessive impurities in the circulating water, try to use clean water. The remaining water should be drained after running every day, and the next day before the operation. Water can be filtered or properly cleaned when conditions permit. Contact the relevant personnel to check that there is a serious need to replace the evaporation core or filter.

Standard size
long Mm Multiple of 600
width Mm 1,000 1,500 1,800 2,000
high Mm 100/150
ECOdek hydrophobic curtain
long Mm 600
width Mm 30
high Mm 100/150
Accessories: ECOdek wet curtain hood
High filter coefficient