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Frame wet curtain

Frame wet curtain

Product Details

The frame wet curtain is easy to install and fast, easy to maintain and clean. The water inlet and drainage positions can be flexibly positioned to ensure uniform moisture of the entire wet curtain. The wet curtain wall is stable, and the size of the wet curtain can be customized according to customer requirements. The complete system, including the mounting accessories, can be supplied with water filters according to customer requirements.
The principle of frame wet curtain cooling is evaporation and cooling, which is achieved by evaporation of water molecules to absorb ambient heat. When the water vapor content in the air is not saturated, the water molecules evaporate quickly into water vapor. During the endothermic process, the humidity of the air increases and the temperature decreases.
The energy required for cooling is the energy required to overcome the increase in water surface tension. When one cubic meter of water becomes a 10 micron cube, the surface tension requires about 43200 joules of energy and the latent heat of vaporization can reach 2.2 billion joules.
Factors affecting the cooling efficiency of the frame wet curtain evaporation are air temperature, air humidity, water temperature, air flow rate, atmospheric pressure, and evaporation area. When the atmospheric pressure, wind speed, air temperature, air humidity and wet curtain area are constant, the higher the water temperature, the higher the evaporation efficiency and the better the cooling effect.

Standard size
long Mm Multiple of 600
width Mm 1,205 1,705 2,005 2,205
high Mm 100/150